Podcasters On Stage at the Fibromyalgia Community Conference

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Podcasters On Stage

Did you know that some of our featured speakers at the Fibromyalgia Community Conference have podcasts? If you haven't already subscribed, we encourage everyone to take a listen. We also love supporting some of the new podcast speakers. Let's rally behind everyone to support their work! 

1. Mind Your Fibro Podcast by Dr. Olga Pinkston 

With 43 episodes to date, Mind Your Fibro podcast is dedicated to fibromyalgia patients. Dr. Olga Pinkston, the host of the podcast, is a board-certified rheumatologist, and discusses up-to-date information about fibromyalgia, its treatment, and the biology and psychology of this condition. The podcast covers pain science education and the current complementary and alternative methods available to improve your symptoms. 

2. Conquering Your Fibromyalgia by Dr. Michael Lenz 

With a 124 episodes to date and Dr. Lenz very active with is interviews, this podcast and book with the same title were started with his patients in mind. Dr. Lenz recognized the need for more education on fibromyalgia and related illnesses. Many people worldwide will never be able to see him as their doctor, but he hopes this podcast offers valuable insights, information, and wisdom from a medical doctor using a multifaceted evidence-based approach from the perspective of a pediatrician, internist, lifestyle medicine physician, and clinical lipidologist. If you are a doctor or another health care professional caring for those with invisible illnesses, he hopes these episodes serve you well.

3. Sassy Speculum by Dr. Adriane Knorr

Sassy Speculum, the all-inclusive, entertaining, and (hopefully) humorous podcast that's here to unravel the mysteries of your body! Join Dr. Knorr as she dives into a wide range of topics, from the enigmatic world of hymens to the everyday challenges of anxiety and skincare. And guess what? We're just getting started – there's still so much ground to cover! The goal of the podcast is to demystify the human body, one episode at a time. Take this journey toward understanding, and let's make informed, and empowered living the new norm. Tune in, laugh, learn, and grow!

4. Patients Rising Podcast

Patients Rising brings its unique and established brand of patient advocacy to a weekly podcast, featuring honest and helpful discussion about issues impacting those with chronic illness. CEO Terry Wilcox hosts the show, with Robert "Dr. Bob" Goldberg, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

5. Pretty In Pain Podcast

Mrs. Q presents various topics and interviews that provide education and support for people living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. 

 6. Living Light Podcast (Brand New!)

Created by National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach Wendy Purviance, Living Light is a podcast that is for everyday whole living and wellness for the tired, overwhelmed woman who is sick of being sick and ready for a better life. Keep showing up, and Wendy share information to live a light, uncluttered, balanced life, and great tips on what to fuel your body for energy, nutrition, and healing. We'll manage the chaos, together, so you can craft the life you have always wanted.

Podcasting plays a significant role in the context of fibromyalgia for several reasons! Podcasts are an important tool in the fibromyalgia community for education, support, advocacy, and empowerment. They offer a platform for sharing valuable information and experiences, helping those affected by the condition to feel more informed, connected, and understood.