Fibromyalgia Conference Schedule 2023

Speaker Schedule


Updated schedule as of Nov. 27th. We are still missing a few people! Everyone is welcome to join us directly in StreamYard On-Air, YouTube, and the conference landing page. Additional social media accounts will be added for presentations during the week. This schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, November 30th: 3pm ET - Kick-Off event

Liz & Lo, Persevere & Win
Frank Rivera, Stronger Than Sarcoidosis and Mental Health Advocate

Friday, December 1st:

10:30am EST - Dr. Olga Pinkston,
11:30am EST - Meet Danielle, Fibromyalgia Advocate
12pm EST - Chloe Jones, B.A., Neuroinflammation, Pain, and Fatigue Laboratory
1pm EST - Dr. Adriane Knorr, Sassy Speculum
Close - Honoring Fibromyalgia Friend Dona Campbell

Saturday, December 2nd: (Day & Evening Programs)

10am EST - Dr. Michael Lenz, Conquering Your Fibromyalgia
11am EST - Myofascial Release with Jill Economakos, MANNA Pilates + Health
12pm EST - Elaine Merryfield, Navigating Life with Fibro
1pm EST - Dr. Kaci Madden and Dr. Loren Couture, form The Specific Chiropractic Centers, San Diego will be presenting on "Why your Nervous System is the Most Important System when Address Fibromyalgia"

2pm EST - Kelli Roseta, More Than Lupus

Saturday Night Live!

9pm EST - Fibro May and Carrie Kellenberger, Taiwan Fibromyalgia Association & My Several Worlds

10pm EST - Carrie Kellenberger Live, My Several Worlds

Sunday, December 3rd:

2pm EST - Marco Mizrahi, Fibromyalgia Advocate from Spain

Monday, December 4th:

12pm EST - Jim Sliney Jr, RMA, BCP, Patients Rising

Tuesday, December 5th:
To be announced

Wednesday, December 6th:

12:30pm EST - Anna Fryxelius, Health Mastery with Anna
1:30pm EST - Trudy Flynn, Fibromyalgia Association Canada
3pm EST - Ann & Lily, Fibromyalgia Advocates 

Thursday, December 7th:

12pm EST - Michelle Eberwein, Turning Pain into Strength
1pm EST - Julie Hamilton, Chronic Illness At Work

2pm EST - Anquinette Rollins, Freddy J’s Fibro Fighters

3pm EST - Caregiving Lott's - Heart, Faith & Strength

Friday, December 8th:

10am EST - Pediatric Pain, U.S. Pain Foundation
11am EST - Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, Carolina Holistic Medicine & LDN Research Trust
12pm EST - Wendy Purviance,
1pm - Arushi, India Fibromyalgia Foundation

2pm EST - Kristal Kent and friends, Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia

Saturday, December 9th:

11am EST - Dale Rockell, Fibromyalgia Advocate at Dale Rockell Photography

12pm EST - #Paws4Fibro Special Guests
1pm EST - Dr. Ginevra,